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Salesforce: Success Stories

Did you know that Salesforce offers services to 99 out of the 100 companies on the Fortune 100 list? Salesforce is a company that enjoys international success. It offers the market’s best valued CRM, along with a number of cloud-based applications for all kinds of industries and needs.

On many occasions, Forbes described it as one of the world’s most innovative companies. This title is well-deserved considering all the efforts Salesforce makes to continuously provide the best solutions for those who decided to trust them.

While Salesforce helps companies work on their customers’ satisfaction, it also takes care of its own users ?

Let’s have a closer look at worldwide companies that chose to partner with the #1 CRM provider.

Aston Martin, a successful luxury brand, uses Salesforce to not only get closer to its dealers and customers but also to unlock new insights to take the company to even higher levels. You could say that Salesforce is the company’s partner on the road to success. ?? Knowing customer behavior and being able to easily analyze data allows the company to make the right decisions. In 2015 the company started using Sales Cloud. Aston Martin’s IT team and administrators used Trailhead to help accelerate the implementations. Dr. Andy Palmer, the company’s President, and CEO said: “Our customers already have an emotional connection with us, and Salesforce will help make those connections even stronger.”

The American Red Cross (a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance to those in need) puts people in the centre of all of their efforts. The organization uses Salesforce to build close relationships with people it takes care of as well as the volunteers, and donors who are critical to its operations. Thanks to Sales Cloud, ARC was able to merge information from 150 national partners and over 500 local field units to easily build relationships with supporters and volunteers. Since all ARC’s operations are in the cloud, volunteers are able to quickly respond during a crisis by using their own phones and iPads to coordinate disaster relief efforts. Using Salesforce allows ARC to not only save money but also onboard new volunteers with minimal IT involvement.

Paypal uses Salesforce to create a 360-degree view for better customer experiences. The company’s goal is to engage their 1 billion customers by uniting teams and company data with a single customer view. Sounds like a rather difficult task, doesn’t it? Turns out, that gathering and managing billions of data elements is possible with the right approach and effort ✔

Harvard Business Publishing needed innovative, customizable solutions that would meet their unique needs. The non-profit company decided to use Salesforce to partner closely with customers to develop the most effective leadership solutions. Nick Clayton, Senior Director of Global sales explained that HBP chose Salesforce because of its flexibility and easiness of customization.

Virgin America keeps teammates connected with Chatter. The airline focuses on providing a unique customer experience and presenting a culture that’s fun and friendly. VA depends on Salesforce’s Chatter to maintain its people-oriented culture. The company appreciates being able to interact with everyone on their team and make them a part of the community.

Hundreds of prosperous companies, thousands of satisfied users, and millions of happy customers is what makes Salesforce so successful. How will YOUR business benefit from using its innovative solutions? If you have any questions or need guidance – don’t hesitate to contact me.

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