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NEW: Digital 360 for Industries

To help businesses deliver digital experiences even faster, Salesforce has recently launched new industry apps for Digital 360. Companies can now easily build e-commerce storefronts, web pages, and portals connected to the Industry Clouds within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Digital360 for Industries offers new solutions to businesses in:

? Consumer Goods – grocers are empowered to quickly go D2C,
? Financial Services – companies can simplify the process of buying insurances and make it as easy for customers, as buying a new pair of shoes,
? Healthcare – providers can tailor marketing journeys for different patient groups,
? Communications and Media – companies can launch digital storefronts for all media while managing complex bundle rules, and manage subscription plans in a scalable way,
? Public Sector – The new Experience Cloud App for Licensing, Permitting, and Inspections enables agencies, applicants, and the government to go through all processes faster.
? Emergency Response Management – new template allows organizations to deliver care and allocate resources and services quicker.

Some of the biggest companies are already benefiting from the new Digital 360 functions. Are you ready to create more meaningful customer experiences with digital-first solutions?

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