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How can Salesforce help you empower your employees to work remotely?

The world witnessed a historic shift in the 2020 job market and while some companies used to offer the ability to work from home as a perk, it has now become the norm for most businesses ✅?‍?

Enabling employees to work remotely isn’t just about increasing productivity ? it’s about creating a more resilient workforce and inclusive culture. How can Salesforce help you empower your employees to work remotely? The short answer is – IMMENSELY ✅  but let’s take a closer look ? Salesforce gives you limitless opportunities to work with new technologies, insights, and skills.

If you want your remote team to continue delivering an excellent experience to employees everywhere, follow these simple tips:

1⃣ Use the full potential of the cloud & harness its power Salesforce provides organizations with solutions that are easy to implement in times where businesses’ needs are rapidly changing. It offers flexibility and scalability that supports hybrid and all-remote workplaces and growth strategies. A cloud-first approach is recommended by CEOs of the biggest companies in the world – they appreciate how easy it is to connect the platform to other systems. Technology is now a part of every company’s DNA ?

2⃣ Encourage omnichannel collaboration With powerful social tools built right inside Salesforce, sales teams can collaborate like never before. Users are easily able to find the right experts, share competitive data, and more to help more businesses from anywhere. Salesforce Collaboration tools are essential when it comes to enabling people to connect remotely ? especially if your team members are located in different countries. Even though many businesses have already been back in the office for a couple of months now, almost 80% of CEOs believe the shift to remote collaboration will continue.

3⃣ Unlock 360 customer visibility In order to make good decisions, teams need good data ? that’s why many of them need 360 visibility of sales, service, and marketing interactions. As the world is moving more towards being concentrated on the B2B and/or B2C approach, having customer data right in the middle is extremely important. What’s even more important is ensuring that customer insights are not used out of context. Salesforce organizes data in the most efficient way possible.

4⃣ Support people with digital tools and channels The rapid evolution of technology means that the skills needed for jobs are also changing. Salesforce’s surveys show that more than 61% of employers found that staff needed additional training and skills as a result of AI and automation implementations. Thankfully, learning with Salesforce is not only easy and intuitive but also simply fun.

5⃣ Stay in sync with employee needs and business goals. It’s important for organizations to continuously capture employee feedback on new technologies and processes. It will not only benefit their remote work but also deliver a better customer experience which is extremely crucial on the company’s way to success. One of the greatest aspects of Salesforce is that companies can customize almost everything within the platform to match their unique expectations.

6⃣ Stay up to date with new solutions and use them to sell even more! Salesforce, knowing today’s market and its needs, continuously offers new solutions that will help your team sell more, even if each one of your employees is located in a different part of the world. You’ll find new solutions in the following areas:

?  Salesforce CPQ

?  Pardot

?  Partner Communities

?  Einstein Sales Analytics

?  Sales Cloud Einstein

?  AppExchange

?  Salesforce Engager

With so many changes within the business landscape, companies need to be as prepared and agile as possible. Is yours ready for unexpected events?

If you have any questions about Salesforce and its options – let me know. I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions ?

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