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Salesforce features to boost your productivity

If you want to sell more you should focus on… selling more ?
Don’t waste your time on non-selling tasks.

Salesforce believes that you can easily measure sales productivity by using one formula:
???????????? = ?????????? (eliminating manual or repetitive work and maximizing time spent on valuable tasks) ? ????????????? (the ability to use your skills and resources in the right place and at the right time).

What can YOU do to improve sales productivity?
OPTIMIZE YOUR VIRTUAL SELLING – help your sales reps navigate the virtual sales process:
• Connect communication tools
• Invest in productivity tools
• Break down data silos
AUTOMATE BUSYWORK – with Salesforce you can automate tedious tasks, such as: logging sales activities, building sales playbooks straight into your CRM, updating documents
EMBRACE AI – it’s the (not so) secret weapon that helps you maintain and grow your business. AIR helps with:
• Monitoring sales performance
• Adjusting sales forecasts
• Prioritizing prospects

Boosting sales productivity isn’t easy… especially during a global pandemic. But with the right motivation, skills and approach you can achieve your goals. If you need help choosing the best path for your businesss, let me know!

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