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Conversational marketing – a key to your company’s success

Have you heard of conversational marketing? It’s based on one-to-one interactions in real-time done via chatbots, phone calls or live chats. Thanks to these tools, communication becomes more personalized and efficient. It allows you to build stronger relationships with your customers. Nowadays, conversational marketing is not only a way to do business – it’s a necessity. Research shows that 81% of consumers who purchase from a retail chatbot decide to come back to your brand again in the future. Sounds encouraging, right? Here are 6 conversational marketing tips that will make your business grow:

?Use chatbots cleverly We love chatbots, right? They are such a time saver! When used properly, chatbots will help you gather new information quickly and ease your customers’ problems.

?Keep it simple We all know that a positive customer experience means a quick, easy and personalized experience. Keep in mind that your customers expect that from your brand. They don’t want to waste their time. That’s why you should provide them with a quick and easy process.

?Remember about text messages You can use text messaging to send reminders before meetings. You can also use SMS to inform customers about new products or to send out special offers. As you can see, there are quite a few options.

?Observe and analyze your audience Conversational marketing provides a huge amount of data about the customer journey, and it allows the company reps to see where they are succeeding and what they can do better.

?Be present on social media Be aware of the power of social media – presence on Facebook or Instagram allows you to engage with the audience. For example, you can let your customers use Facebook Messenger to book appointments or ask questions.

?Map out the customer experience This step will help you understand the customer journey and identify spots where conversational marketing platforms can ease pain points.

There are many more benefits of implementing conversational marketing, so why don’t you try it and see yourself?

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