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Customer Community

Did you know, that across industries more than 80% of all customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative❓ It’s simple – if you’re experiencing an issue, you want it to be resolved immediately. Being able to get a comprehensive and fast response has a huge impact on the overall customer satisfaction which is important to both: the customer and the company.

With Salesforce’s Customer Community, customers can not only find answers to their questions but also help others with their cases. On the other hand – you, as the representative of your company, can create sites, forums, and portals for your customers to allow them to get all the information they need. With Customer Community, you’re also provided with the opportunity to build deeper customer relationships.

Salesforce’s Customer Communities function as self-service portals that offer FAQs, discussion pages, articles relevant to your products/services, and process documentation. As an administrator you can manage your content: remove outdated articles, update existing ones, inform about new releases or versions of your products, and more. The better content you offer, the more you’ll succeed.

Before you dive into the Customer Community, it’s important to take certain steps to make sure that you have the perfect strategy to get the most out of your community. To do so, you can customize your community – Salesforce offers various templates that can help you get started with your A-game! The wide selection makes it easy to choose exactly what suits your needs. Once you’re satisfied with the setup, share your community with your customers and get detailed data and insights from their usage. By analyzing their actions you can improve your user experience which then leads to increasing your brand’s visibility.

Why is it beneficial for Customers to join the Community?

✅ Customers are provided with 24/7, worldwide support

✅ Customer Support Representatives can help with solving any cases. This means customers don’t need to search for answers at unreliable sources, instead, they get them from Salesforce professionals.

✅ Customers can chat with the support agent – it’s proven that people usually prefer to chat with a live agent representative and get help from them instead of opening a new case ticket.

✅ Users can learn more about Salesforce and its possibilities What’s also great about the Customer Community is that you can use it for ideas exchange. Your customers will appreciate the ability to share their ideas with you and help you establish what you need to focus on in future projects or developments. It’s beneficial for companies to give some voice to their audience and make them participate in important conversations. This will help you boost your company’s overall ranking. After all, it’s the customers who decide about your success.

Customer Community can act as an essential element of your customer and user research processes. Why? It gives you a central place where your customers can come to you, ask questions, and receive public assurance that other customers are experiencing the same problem.

Another great way to use Salesforce communities is to identify who the power users and ambassadors for your products and brand are. They usually make themselves obvious in a) how much time they dedicate to participate in your community, b) the responses that they give to other customers. You can later bring those people in closer and give them the tools they need to become a true, high-level ambassador for your brand.

If you want to start using the Customer Community, or you’re not sure if you’re using its full potential – let me know! I’ll be happy to tell you more about all the amazing possibilities of growing your business with Salesforce.

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