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Partner Community

If you want to continuously learn, grow, innovate, and lead – Salesforce Partner Community is the perfect place for you. It’s a top-notch platform that’s equally accessible for all its partners, regardless of where they are in their professional “lifecycle”. With the Partner Community, Salesforce is aiming to empower its partners so they can build the most powerful businesses across the globe. To do so, it provides them with everything they need to succeed (such as innovative technology, and education/management tools). Using the Partner Community, members can gain deeper insight into any data or cases, collaborate, and form better relationships with other people important in their business’ growth.

In order to drive productivity, transparency, and growth with your business, Salesforce advises that channel managers should follow these 4 easy steps:

Step 1⃣ – Automate onboarding with valuable resources As a channel manager, you can easily train and educate your partners with all the given app options to choose from. Partners can get access to any training materials they need to meet your company’s expectations. What’s great about the Salesforce onboarding options is that if one of your employees gets stuck, they can always reach out for help in the Chatter app to get assistance from either one of the fellow partners or a Salesforce Support Team representative.

Step 2⃣ – Amplify and automate channel marketing If you’re waiting for your marketing funds to be approved, partners can stay up-to-date with the process. They can request, track, and access any admitted funds to later execute their own marketing campaigns. Partner Community platform provides its users with data that helps them with a quick analysis of which marketing tactic they should use to make the biggest impact in their company’s growth path.

Step 3⃣ – Accelerate Sales It’s safe to say that when you’re waiting for your next lead, the ability to be in the right place at the right time is crucial. Oftentimes, if potential leads are not forwarded to the correct person in a certain amount of time, opportunities get lost. With Partner Community, you can easily accelerate sales with an AI-powered platform and streamline sales across all of the channels. With the Lead Inbox, you can share everything with your partners within the community which enables directing right leads to the right partners at the perfect time. Once the lead is accepted, partners can begin engaging using pre-built message templates and start building their relationships with new clients.

Step 4⃣ – Analyze performance Salesforce analytics provides you with the insights you need to make the best decisions for your business in the future. You can analyze your company’s performance with real-time visibility and out-of-the-box analysis allowing you to track your ROI. It’s also important to share your dashboards with other partners so that everyone is working with the same set of metrics creating a fusion of data, goals, and results.

With Partner Community you get:

✅ Analytics Tools & Solutions for Your Business – all in one place

✅ Lightning Fast and Safe Information Sharing

✅ Improved Partner Relations Salesforce is constantly working on improving its features.

Some of the latest enhancements include:

➡ New Trailblazer Scorecard – making strategic decisions has never been easier! This new dynamic tool provides partners with unified visibility into how program metrics are calculated so that you can take pivotal actions to manage your business.

➡ Improved Content Search – Salesforce’s goal is to fully let partners find the answers they need in a self-service motion, reducing the need to create a case or support ticket.

Remember ➡ Your business needs a solution that works for you, not the other way around. If you need more information on how your company can benefit from using Partner Community – let me know!

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