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TOP 5 KPIs ranked by 7k service pros

How often do you revise your KPIs and do you have the right tools to measure them?

KPIs are the key when it comes to analyzing your company’s activities ? By choosing the right KPIs, you’re able to:
☑ Direct your resources to the most important actions
☑ Set better priorities
☑ Improve response in the company
☑ Start making better decisions together
☑ Focus on what really matters: your customers.

Earlier this year, Salesforce team surveyed over 7,000 customer service professionals from around the world to find out what are the TOP 5 SERVICE KPIs.1⃣ Customer satisfaction
2⃣ Revenue (the percentage of companies that track revenue has grown by 29% since 2018, making it the fastest-growing KPI).
3⃣ Customer retention
4⃣ Customer effort
5⃣ SLA performance

In times where customer satisfaction has such a huge value and impact, choosing the right tool to help you overcome challenges is extremely important. A Salesforce KPI is a measurable performance metric used to monitor, analyze, and optimize sales processes. It gives businesses countless opportunities and possibilities to empower reps to deliver outstanding service – on time, every time.

If you’re interested in learning more about improving your company’s services, let me know!

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