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Salesforce myTrailhead

Peter Drucker once said that “learning is a lifelong process”. It looks like Salesforce believes in that statement because it constantly puts efforts into creating a successful learning practice for its users.

➡ myTrailhead is a gamified learning experience platform built natively on the Salesforce platform that enables organizations to create a culture of learning for their employees.

Each company is able to combine myTrailhead with their own customized content to make learning not only empowering but also as interesting and fun as possible. People from many different companies, with different backgrounds and speciaities are brought together to create and publish content. Users can use the optional services from the Salesforce Team and get their help with creating engaging content.

With myTrailhead it’s easy for everyone to learn what they want whenever they want. As their learning experience progresses, they earn points and badges that can later be viewed on their profiles (which tends to be very encouraging). Salesforce automates the onboarding for new learners and gives them everything they need to be successful.

If you want your team to fully use Salesforce’s potential, myTrailhead is a great way to achieve this goal.

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