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Salesforce Winter’21

#Salesforce is a platform full of useful tools and options and it never stops growing. Developers put all of their efforts into expanding and improving the platform. Each year, they release three major innovations. The newest update, Winter’21, implemented many great features across the platform.

– has three new customer apps. Queue Management connects in-person and digital experiences. Broadcast Messaging allows you to reach customers faster and more effectively. Digital Trust Cards increases buyer confidence.
– Customer 360 Audiences help marketers unify data to make personalized interactions across all channels and touchpoints easier. It creates effective customer segmentation.
– Platform Services Security Center allows users to monitor their security and privacy settings and policies. It keeps all of the crucial information in one, safe and easy to navigate place.
– If you own a nonprofit organization, Elevate will help you strengthen digital fundraising and manage grantmaking.

However, that’s just the beginning of what Winter’21 has to offer.

If you’re interested in getting more information or want to know how to use all of the new features, feel free to contact me via direct message or send me an e-mail
? [email protected]

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