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What is campaign influence?

Salesforce was founded on a simple principle: to help its customers succeed. It offers an entire ecosystem full of amazing solutions to achieve this goal. Salesforce believes that CRM platforms should not only be adaptable and flexible (with countless options and various apps) but also easy to manage.
➡ Salesforce Campaigns is a tool that fully follows this rule. It’s essential for marketers (but can also be leveraged by Sales Development teams). It stores essential performance metrics in one place which helps marketers analyze how many leads they’re generating and how much pipeline they’re able to build with their campaigns.

Campaign Influence 1.0 helps marketers with understanding the return of their campaign investments. Marketers can configure influential campaigns to be automatically added to opportunities.

Customizable Campaign Influence identifies revenue share with standard and custom attribution models that can be updated manually or via automated processes. How do they work? ➡ Influence models scan active campaigns and identify members who are set as a contact on an open opportunity. A model is then responsible for creating a campaign influence record based on that relationship. Users can assign an influence manually (on the opportunity record) or automatically via Apex triggers or the API.

Campaigns are directed towards either existing customers or prospects (including existing and new leads). Marketers can use Salesforce reports to create target lists. Common criteria responsible for segmenting target lists are: location, job title, industry, company name, installed products/services, previous campaign, and response history. What happens if the lead or contact pages don’t include the type of information you need to create the list? You can always create custom lead or contact fields to record this information.

The two primary campaign goals are:

? Lead generation – these types of campaigns include direct mail, email blasts, web seminars, conferences, and trade shows and they usually generate new prospects.
? Brand-building.

Let’s look at 5 reasons why you should start using Salesforce campaigns.

1⃣ You can easily track and manage all of your marketing campaigns Oftentimes companies run complex programs with many different campaigns within. With Salesforce, analyzing its individual elements doesn’t take a lot of time – it’s actually very easy to get access to separate campaigns since they’re all gathered in one place. As your campaigns continue to grow you can watch and learn what works best for your company. It’s a great project management tool.

2⃣ You can learn what works best for you by analyzing response rates With Salesforce Campaigns you can easily access information about the response rate to your campaigns and decide which one of them is most successful. This will help you with setting up future campaigns.

3⃣ You can easily track the overall campaign ROI and choose results that interest you the most You can customize your campaigns and focus on results that are the most important for your company. For example, you can develop a formula and look at the cost per lead. Set your own campaign goals and see if your campaign is meeting those targets.

4⃣ You can group your marketing programs together in hierarchy for greater visibility.

5⃣ You can track and optimize your nurture programs.

If you want to understand everything about delivering and tracking marketing activities using Salesforce Campaigns – don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’ll be happy to help you with using the full potential of the Salesforce platform.
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