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Salesforce’s sales tools and tactics that are changing the game


There’s no doubt that digital transformation has revolutionised sales tools and tactics. With modern analytics it’s easy to get access to deep insights into the customer and thanks to the algorithms you know when they’ll be most receptive to a call. Salesforce is continuously using digital technologies to create new or modify the existing ones: business processes, culture, and customer experience – to meet the rapidly changing business and market requirements. It goes beyond traditional roles such as sales, marketing, and customer service. Moving from paper notes to spreadsheets and finally to intelligent business management applications allows you to change the way you run businesses and how you engage with your customers – with digital technology as your greatest ally.

Salesforce enables you to create game-changing apps even if you don’t have any experience in that field. You and your team know best what you need to succeed – therefore – you must have access to the right tools to match goals that are unique to your company.

The traditional sales process has been permanently transformed. Digital options such as video conferencing, AI mobile sales apps, CRM systems, and insight selling have replaced face-to-face interactions. And of course, these new methods require new tactics.

Interested to know how you can boost your sales rate in the new normal? Salesforce professional recommend using the following tactics:
? The 80/20 rule – many sales teams have adopted this rule, which means they spend 80% listening to their customers and only 20% talking. When setting goals and activities, it’s important to make sure they are laid out in a way that is proportional to the value of the opportunities.
? Identify genuine traits in customers – this enables sales teams to develop more authentic connections. It’s important to remember that many customers are looking for compassionate, meaningful communication – oftentimes without even realizing it!
? Be aware of “introverted” customers – know how to reach all types of customers. It’s important to know how to leverage data to understand how many times a customer or potential lead should be contacted or have a follow-up.

When you work in sales, there’s hardly a moment when you’re not pulled in ten different directions at once. And this is exactly why you should be equipped with the right tools. After all, it’s not about working harder to meet desired goals – it’s about choosing the right solutions to help you work smarter.

The last months have changed the rules in business – all of them are literally being rewritten as we speak. It’s time to step up our game and bring big ideas to life! According to one of the latest Salesforce’s ebook, there are three main areas of focus for sales teams:
?? Skill up
– Train your team to understand the changes and connect with customers at the beginning of the sales journey.
– Develop a coaching plan to have a better idea what skills to prioritize on each level.
– Challenge yourself and experiment daily. If you need changes in your CRM, contact a professional.
⏳? Scale up
– Invest time for creative collaboration with your team.
– Use Salesforce’s advanced insights to review, analyse and take notes on what worked and where you can improve.
– Use the right tools – it’s hard to grow without having a flexible system. Salesforce gives you an opportunity to adapt and scale through challenging times. The countless plugins and AI features make it easier to change-up your game.
⌚? Speed up
– Define two things: 1) which accounts or business units of accounts are more transactional and will create a run rate business, 2) which are longer-term more strategic-focused that will generate larger opportunities.
– Concentrate on finding both in parallel so that everything moves faster.

Choosing the right sales and CRM platform is foundational to the success of your business. As the world of business changes, Salesforce never stops to change with it. Customizable options make it easy to adapt to said changes and you won’t have to waste your time, energy (and money) on implementing solutions that are not suitable for your company.

We’ve talked about Salesforce’s recommendations for sales teams – now it’s time to take these tips into action. If you’re interested to see how Salesforce can help you grow – don’t hesitate to contact me!

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