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Quick and Easy Customer Support

Your clients have a lot of questions? Provide them with quick access to comprehensive answers✅

It’s always important to maintain a good relationship with customers.. but sometimes, we simply don’t have time to do so. Using Salesforce’s Web Chat tool makes this process easier than ever before. You can offer Live Customer Service with Chat Messaging. Gather all of the important information in one place and make sure you have got everything under control. Web Chat includes four different parts:

– Chat Console allows support agents to send and receive messages
– Omni-Channel sends requests to the right agent based on their availability and qualifications. One operator is able to handle multiple tickets simultaneously.
– Embedded Service allows users to create customizable chat windows that are compatible with mobile browsers as well so it works correctly on every device
– Einstein Bots handles routine requests and gathers pre-chat information which is a great time saver

The Chat is possible to implement in Setup without having to write a code. However, thanks to several APIs, developers can fully customize it based on the company’s needs.

Stay connected with your customers and gather all data in one place. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to contact me.

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