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CRM – how to manage customer relations

▪️Do you want to organize information about your customers❓
▪️Efficiently develop offers and analyze the needs of recipients❓
▪️Ably manage documents in the company❓

If so, you surely need a CRM system that has already been proven by many companies!

What is a CRM system?
CRM System (Customer Relationship Management) translating in the simplest way, it is our customer database.
This database may include things like:
▪️ Customers database
▪️ Documents
▪️ Customer card
▪️ Sales opportunities
▪️ Collection of offers and orders
▪️ Customer needs
And many other options that will make it easier for us to access the client.

☁️Karpato, as an official Salesforce Partner, provides solutions based on Salesforce cloud products, such as:

➡️Sales Cloud will allow you to improve sales processes, and at the same time much better manage your sales department. Sales Cloud is a fully comprehensive tool – it allows you to manage the sales department from the first contact with the customer until the purchase is finalized. The system works in the cloud and its implementation is quick and easy.

The Sales Cloud tool will allow you to:

▪️        increase of income
▪️        achievement of the assumed goals
▪️        developing the competences of the sales department and increasing its efficiency

➡️Service Cloud is a cloud solution that provides immediate access to complete customer data. It is also a comprehensive customer service from searching for a product on the Internet, through making a purchase, to providing feedback to other potential customers. Contact with the seller is also facilitated through social media, chat, e-mail or telephone hotline. Questions are automatically categorized, which means that they immediately go to the appropriate department.

➡️Community Cloud enables the exchange of information in real time. This makes it easier to build long-term relationships with your customers and further improve services.

▪️ full real-time business data integration
▪️ convenient real-time communication,
▪️ greater independence of customers in the search for a solution (FAQ)
▪️ a source of information about customers
▪️ faster sales development by expanding contacts
▪️ building a brand community – customer feedback
▪️ maximum security – a range of encrypted security measures

Best Regards,
Karpato Salesforce Partner Poland

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