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Recipe for success in small and medium sized companies

For many years, the size and resources of large corporations made it difficult for SMB owners and startups to compete. Working with fewer resources and less time made it challenging to stay ahead of the enormous competition. However, now – with the new solutions, SMB can grow faster than ever before. Choosing an advanced tool such as Salesforce gives them the ability to:

? Communicate in a smarter way and to a broader audience

? Understand and target their ideal customers better

? Boost productivity

? Increase profitability

One of the greatest assets of the Salesforce platform is integration. Because of that, SMB can attract more buyers using personalized marketing tools, deliver customized shopping experiences, respond to customers’ concerts across multiple communication channels, automate administrative tasks with custom apps, and collaborate for more effective and efficient teams. Oftentimes, small businesses tend to be hesitant about using advanced CRM systems as they believe they won’t be able to afford it. However, Salesforce gives its users the option to scale the system and gradually add new features.

Many SMBs are so focused on ensuring business growth that they “forget” to properly plan it. Ultimately, when they finally get the success they deserve, they might be facing issues they weren’t ready for. Salesforce always encourages business owners to reach their goals and it not only offers technical support but also continuously gives its consumers valuable tips they can follow, in order to grow their business in the best way possible. Let’s have a look at some of the Salesforce’s tips for SMB:

1⃣ Plan your time wisely – according to the Time to Transform survey, ” business owners are spending the majority of their time on in-house tasks aimed at sustaining current business, rather than on generating growth.”

2⃣ Scale your business for growth – a huge advantage that small and medium-sized companies have over large corporations is the level of quality and service, as well as the time for Building meaningful and long-term relationships with customers. However, as the business grows, it gradually becomes harder and harder to keep up the high standards. With Salesforce, companies have access to information on which areas need improvement, as their business grows.

3⃣ Connect to customers – Salesforce maintains the “customer first” mentality. A cloud-based CRM allows its users to connect with customers in real-time from anywhere and respond to their needs or concerns quickly.

With Salesforce, you can expect an increase in:

? lead conversion,

? sales/sales productivity,

? customer satisfaction,

? decision-making response time,

? revenue

by up to approx. 35%!

Choose a CRM that fits your needs and enhances your assets.

If you’re interested to know more about growing your company with Salesforce – the #1 CRM in the world, don’t hesitate to contact me ?

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