Increase in sales effectiveness by over 40%, 30% faster lead conversion and almost 40% faster transaction finalization – the results of companies that implemented the Salesforce Sales Cloud tool are extraordinarily. How is this possible? Can your company benefit from implementing this tool?

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud

The digitization of businesses of almost all industries means that sales processes are constantly changing. Therefore, in order to get to know the potential customer and his needs in the best way, and then how to influence his purchasing decisions in the most effective way, more and more companies are choosing to use databases available for various internal departments. Salesforce Sales Cloud – the highest-class CRM tool, thanks to which the sales process is carried out as efficiently as possible is the answer more and more often. Sales Cloud is ideal for automating B2B sales processes, including multi-stage ones. Sales Cloud is intelligent sales, whose task is to take modern business to a higher level. Employees have quick access to all necessary data, and salespeople can reach the right customers with the offer. The Sales Cloud system maps the entire sales process – from the first appearance of the opportunity to get a lead until the order is finalized.

Sales Cloud – A solution for your business

Support and automation of sales in the cloud is a necessity today if you want your company to grow faster than the competition. The Sales Cloud tool will allow you to improve sales processes while managing the sales department much better. The implementation of the system will allow you to:

  • increase the company’s revenues,
  • achieve assumed sales goals,
  • develop the competences of the sales department and increase its efficiency.

Sales Cloud is a fully comprehensive tool – it enables management of the sales department from the first contact with the customer until the purchase is completed. The system works in the cloud and its implementation is quick and easy.

Sales Cloud – Greatest Benefits

The implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud tool gives measurable results very quickly. The biggest advantages of the system include:

  • the ability to easily organize customer data – all data is aggregated securely within one CRM. However, data is available from anywhere on the phone, both online and offline. Sales Cloud enables instant data update and synchronization between systems. The tool is fully compatible with systems such as Outlook or Gmail.
  • saving time by automating repetitive activities – the more activities you automate, the more efficient the sales process. Thanks to the full automation of some processes, you and your salespeople have more time to contact customers. Large expenditures on complicated presentations, administrative work and data entries are a thing of the past – data is always available, and you can focus on what is most important – strengthening customer relationships.
  • predictive analysis – thanks to it you can easily identify clients with the greatest potential. The system automatically indicates transactions with the highest chance of finalization.
  • increase in sales efficiency – Sales Cloud enables systematic planning of sales activities. One tool allows for comprehensive management – not only will it prepare an analysis of sales areas, but will also facilitate the preparation of a price list and propose realistic plans. The system enables control over all stages of the sales process and analyzes trends and compares sales results at various periods.
  • simplification and unification of the sales process – after the implementation of Sales Cloud, the work of salespeople is easier, and in addition each customer experiences the same quality of service.
  • real-time reporting – reports and statistics are prepared on an ongoing basis in your panel. Thanks to this, you can control the achievement of sales goals at any time. You can always make progress with new transactions.

Impact of Sales Cloud on the Sales Department

Sales Cloud is a tool that will prepare your sales people for success. Their work will not only be more pleasant thanks to automation, but also more efficient, which quickly translates into a shorter purchasing process, greater customer satisfaction and faster transactions. Territorial planning, forecast analysis, performance trends – these are just some of the functions of the system that will change your business. Sales Cloud enables the efficient implementation of specific sales activities, even if different teams are involved in the process. An interactive platform can also be a way to better integrate employees from various departments.

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