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Phillips Europe

ClientPhillips EuropeEffective sales team managementImproving the customer experience through regular contacts and a quick quotation processAnalysis of process efficiency based on sales dataShare


Phillips Europe is a manufacturer of high-quality truck parts. They provide components that contribute to the safety and efficiency of fleets. The organization faced the challenge of not having full control over the sales processes. They needed to structure processes while maintaining a pro-customer approach and to collect data on sales process performance in one place in order to use them for ongoing analyzes and consciously optimize the sales strategy.


The implementation was based on the Sales Cloud module, which is dedicated to sales and customer relationship management and streamlining business processes. In the project, we focused on the areas of relationships with current customers. A key element was adapting the data model to collect information at various stages of the sales process.

An important element of the implementation was obtaining information on contacts with customers conducted by salesmen. In order to obtain reliable information in this area, it was necessary to conduct a series of training courses and ensure users are comfortable with the platform.


Salesforce ensures  management of the effectiveness of sales processes, increased customer loyalty through regular contacts and quick offer service, and improved competitiveness on the market. The client uses a solution tailored to his needs and regularly develops the platform with new functionalities.