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Milestone systems

ClientMilestone systemsIncreased customer satisfaction by optimizing the ticket resolution processOngoing monitoring of the efficiency of marketing and sales processesPersonalization of the customer experience at the sales stageShare


Milestone is a technology company that produces, sells and distributes software for monitoring systems. The main goal of the project was and is to ensure smooth cooperation with customers, expansion and continuous improvements in the automation of sales processes. Milestone Systems places great emphasis on the quality of the services provided, which is why it is necessary to respond quickly and appropriately to all the needs and problems of their clients.


The team’s work involves continuous improvement and automation of sales support processes and improvement of communication with their clients. The work was carried out for an internal application used to manage marketing, sales and customer service processes, as well as a customer portal that allows customers to contact Miletsone Systems representatives and provides access to key information and to manage cases.


Implementations for Milestone Systems are an example of a system that evolves with the organization. As the company grows and business directions change, system procedures change too. The implementation made it possible to minimize the amount of work needed to handle requests and questions from customers. Analytical tools enable the organization to track its sales results and adapt processes to market expectations.