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ClientMaandagOptimization of the recruitment process thanks to the proper selection of candidatesHigh level of user adoption on the new systemHigh quality of data and analysts created on their basisShare


Mandaag expected Salesforce to streamline its recruiting processes. Mandaag helps companies recruit specialists, among others, to build internal IT teams. It was necessary for the system to provide access to the talent database, open recruitment processes and support employees in optimal selection of candidates to meet the client’s reported needs. During the implementation, Mandaag was mainly guided by the process optimization and intuitiveness of the system.


The project for Mandaag was characterized by a lot of automation and development. The environment was designed and implemented in a way that ensured that the needs of each group of employees were met, with an emphasis on transparency and intuitiveness.


The system was fully adapted to the customer’s expectations not only in terms of processes but also the user interface. Currently, employees have transparent access to complete data, can conduct personalized communication with candidates and clients, and analyze the effectiveness of their activities on an ongoing basis thanks to analytical tools. The client has a tailor-made environment in which the vast majority of company processes are carried out, and thanks to its intuitive nature, employees willingly enter data there, ensuring their high quality.