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ClientIpopemaImproving work efficiency thanks to data aggregation in one systemEffective customer serviceLasting customer relationshipsShare


Ipopema TFI is a company engaged in intermediation in the sale of investment funds. Their main challenge was to effectively manage data received from suppliers, which was often duplicate, unstructured and difficult to interpret. The process of extracting the necessary information was very time-consuming and complicated, which made it difficult to effectively run a business and make strategic investment decisions. Therefore, the client was looking for a solution that would allow them to effectively process and analyze data to streamline business processes and improve the quality of the services offered.


The main goal of the project was to organize data needed on a daily basis. It was understood that proper data storage and management are fundamental to the effective handling of customer requests. Therefore, the developed solutions were aimed at improving the quality of ticket handling by improving data management.

The project implementation included the development and implementation of a database system and tools for data integration, cleaning and analysis. Thanks to this, the company gained better control over information, which allowed it to respond faster to customer complaints and solve problems more effectively.

An additional area of work was to build a wide database of reports that would enable employees to have ongoing control over the financial results of their clients.


Organizing the data contributed to the improvement of case management processes and enabled more precise reporting and analysis of the company’s activities. Thanks to this, customer service has become more effective and tailored to the individual needs of users. As a result, the company gained the opportunity to provide services at a higher level and build lasting relationships with customers.