The highest quality of customer service, which translates into his satisfaction and loyalty – is the goal of almost every company. Customer expectations in terms of contact are constantly increasing. To meet them, you need to support yourself with an ally – a platform that comprehensively meets the needs of recipients. We present: Service Cloud – number 1 among customer service management platforms.

What is Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is a platform that facilitates and automates customer service. The tool allows you to respond to customers’ needs on an ongoing basis, regardless of where you are or what device you use. Service Cloud is a cloud solution that provides immediate access to full customer data. The tool is a perfect complement to the Sales Cloud platform. It enables the integration of all communication channels and also largely automates customer service. You won’t even notice when customer problems will be solved without involving your company’s consultants! Salesforce Service Cloud is a platform that is easy to use and deploy. Your company moves to a higher level of efficiency, and your employees gain new skills. With Service Cloud, every business wins.

How Service Cloud works

Service Cloud is comprehensive customer support at every stage of the purchasing process. From searching for a product on the Internet, through making a purchase, to passing on feedback to other potential customers, the customer is accompanied by a platform through which he can contact the seller. Usually, the customer can also choose how to contact the seller – the most popular channels include social media, chat and telephone hotline. The platform is equipped with a categorization option, thanks to which queries are immediately directed to the appropriate employees of the appropriate department. Service Cloud is a solution for businesses that CRM alone is not enough; businesses that require customer service to translate into measurable benefits.

Service Cloud – Benefits for your business

The Service Cloud platform is consistent, thanks to which every employee involved in the process has access to the most current information (also offline). The most important benefits associated with implementing the system include:

  • a new level of customer service – intelligent customer service has been moved to the cloud. Consequently, automatic response templates are sent as soon as possible. On the other hand, full personalization of automatic answers results in a higher level of satisfaction and an increase in customer loyalty. Content is imported from several different systems, which unifies customer service. All customer data reaching the cloud is automatically allocated to the appropriate navigation panels. As a result, employees can easily predict the real needs of customers, which often translates into sales.
  • integrated real-time customer service – Service Cloud is a full integration of all communication channels. Thanks to the tool, you can manage contacts from the site or social media in real time from any place and device. You are always ready to help the client, no matter what channel he uses to contact you. In addition to traditional communication methods, maybe you will also implement artificial intelligence chat bots?
  • service stability – technologically advanced systems identify potential problems and threats at all times. Thanks to this, the risk of failure-causing failure is reduced to almost zero.
  • advanced analytics – monitoring trends, creating reports on a regular basis, analyzing team efficiency no longer have to be a troublesome task. Service Cloud fully automates these activities, thanks to which you have more time for creativity and development of your business.

Field Service Workers? It’s not a problem anymore!

The Service Cloud platform is not only easier to manage the customer service process, it also simplifies the tasks of field employees. Salesforce Service Cloud is a tool that allows you to gather in one place all information about the customer (including serial numbers, documentation, registered products) and the history of his requests. Thanks to this, every authorized employee will instantly find the information he needs and solve the customer’s problem faster. Customer requests are integrated with notes and attachments, which makes the work of service technicians more efficient. Tasks are assigned using the built-in calendar, and authorized team members have continuous view of the task list and schedule. With Service Cloud you will build a team of experts perfect for your company!

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