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Customer 360

What is customer 360 and what are its benefits??

Customer 360 refers to a 360 degree view of a customer’s data including every interaction, from a website inquiry to a product purchase to a customer support ticket. It means that every group in the company has access to  the same version of the truth about the customer.

Customer 360 provides a trusted, single view of a customer’s name, address, contact information, gender, and interactions with a business. The view can include information about purchase history, billing, service issues, social presence, and channel preferences. Businesses can use this data to inform engagement strategies, customer journey steps, communications, personalized offers, and deliveries.

A Customer 360 view enables organizations to derive value, achieve sustainable competitive advantage, and maximize new customer acquisition opportunities whether in-store or online.

Today, many companies have an omnichannel approach to customer sales and communications, further compounding the amount of customer data they need to manage.

Customer channels can include:

  • In-person at a company-owned, brick-and-mortar location
  • Phone order through sales affiliate or partner
  • Online through a company website or mobile app

Regardless of what communication channels your customers use, it is imperative to understand who they are and how they interact with your business.

Multi-channel communication only works when there’s consistency in the underlying customer data and how it is managed. It is difficult to provide that consistency when there’s often inconsistent data about the same customer spread across several IT systems — each of which may include data for every customer communication channel. True Customer 360s provide that consistency regardless of how many sources are involved.

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