An integrated tool connecting clients, employees of the company and its owners is an indispensable element of a growing business. Salesforce Community Cloud is a response to the growing needs in the area of ​​information collection, processing and effective management. Operating in a variety of environments and in real time, the ecosystem is a real must-have today if you want your business to grow. Find out how strong is the community’s strength in building your brand awareness!

What is Salesforce Community Cloud

The strength of the brand is primarily focused on people around it. That is why community building is so important. The Community Cloud platform in the cloud allows the exchange of information in real time, using almost any device. You can easily create communities of various employees (and clients), so that everyone has access to the most current data. This makes it easier to build long-term relationships with customers, and further improve your services. Customers have continuous access to current information, they can also contact the company’s employees at any time or, if you configure the platform, with other customers. Community Cloud is based heavily on the principle of synergy, because cooperation at every stage is crucial. You can also join external partners, agents and brokers. The platform also automatically recommends groups and independent experts, and also brings together people with similar needs. You can also easily integrate the tool with other Salesforce compatible systems and applications.

Salesforce Comunity Cloud for your business

Community Cloud is a technologically advanced tool that facilitates communication within a given community. The biggest benefits of implementing this solution are:

  • full integration of business data from different systems – collecting design data has never been so easy. With Community Cloud, all users within a given community have access to the latest data, making it easier to delegate tasks and control their performance.
  • convenient real-time communication – the cloud-based platform is available from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only using a computer, but also a mobile application.
  • greater independence of customers in the search for solutions – thanks to Community Cloud customers have easy access to tutorials, FAQs and industry articles. As a result, they are more willing to independently look for a solution to the problem, less often involving customer service employees. It is estimated that companies using Community Cloud have reduced the time spent solving customer problems by up to 50%. The platform allows you to create a rich knowledge base that can be used by any member of the community at any time.
  • source of information about customers – very often companies do not realize how little information they receive about customers directly from them. Community Cloud is a tool that completely changes this state of affairs. The intuitive panel allows you to collect and then analyze key customer information and their level of product and service satisfaction. Often, customers within the community share opinions about the product / service, and also provide their suggestions. In this field, Community Cloud can be a real mine of ideas for your company.
  • faster sales development – Community Cloud is an excellent communication tool for partners, sellers and distributors. Establishing increasingly wider business contacts is key to the company’s development, and additionally often results in a dynamic increase in sales.
  • building the brand community – the best brand ambassadors are satisfied customers. Community members exchange information, tips and opinions, while acting like a live advertisement for your company.
  • maximum security – Community Cloud is a tool designed on the Salesforce platform. The system and the data collected within it are completely secure thanks to a number of encrypted security features. Despite the technologically advanced security systems, the system is transparent.

How Employees Use Community Cloud and How Customers

Salesforce Community Cloud allows you to effectively delegate tasks to employees. This is especially useful in HR and IT departments. Through the platform, the transfer of information, instructions and knowledge to employees becomes extremely easy and fully automated. Employees have instant access to current data wherever they are. On the other hand, customers can easily search for information of interest to them, even independently solve some problems, using the knowledge bases or experience of other customers. Greater customer satisfaction and at the same time lower costs of customer service – can there be a better connection?

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